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PA Prison Strike Letter for Fellow Incarcerated People – January 2023

To my fellow imprisoned people:

Peace friend,

We at SPARC [Subaltern Peoples Abolitionist Revolutionary Collective] have been organizing in PA prisons for years. We’ve been building our movement with focus on addressing the struggles going on right now. It’s clear from the failure to return to pre-COVID normal procuedure that the adminsitration intends to keep us under elevated restrictions indefinitely. Not only that, but there are many problems with the Pennsylvania injustice system that are not being remedied by politicians and lawyers. We intend to do our part.

Prisons are modern day slave plantations which only make profits for our exploiters if we do work. The more of us who refuse to labor for the slave master, the less the system can function. We have the power to shut it down and change conditions for the better.

On Friday January 6, 2023 we are going to use our power and go on strike. We are calling on you to get with your comrades and do this with us. Help us make it a statewide refusal to work.

We have been collecting feedback for our fellow captives and have compiled a list of demands. We have organized this labor strike to force the DOC and legislature to make changes. We are also standing up in solidarity with the prisoners that were on strike in all the prisons in Alabama. They are going to know that they are an inspiration and they are not in the struggle alone.

Neither are you.

Our list of demands:

  • end sexual harassment and rape by staff in women’s facilities.
  • end all harassment and racism in all facilities
  • raise wages for all workers – minimum wage for skilled workers and C.I. workers
  • end outsourcing mail to Florida [taking jobs from PA]
  • end outsourcing commissary to Secure Pak [taking jobs from PA]
  • end pricing gouging on tablets
  • allow video visits on tablets
  • pass the Geriatric Bill
  • end life sentences for 2nd Degree Murder
  • allow parole for lifers
  • adequate and edible food served at required temperature
  • end abuse in solitary confinement
  • allow RHU prisoners to order food [food cannot be used as punishment]
  • open visiting room to pre-pandemic levels
  • open all dining halls
  • provide more recreation/outdoor exercise time followed by showers
  • criteria for commutation instead of arbitrary decisions
  • parole eligibility for everyone after 15 years
  • flat sentencing
  • family picnic days on visits
  • conjugal visits
  • single cells for those that want those



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